Tuesday, 10 January 2012

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As a child i was privileged to have been bought up on a beautiful property, the gardens that surrounded the house truly were amazing, there were so many secret little places we had to play, from swinging out of silver birch trees, climbing fruit trees, cubby houses built in the australian bush out the back, tunnels dug deep in the sand hills and tree houses high up in the fernery, I can still smell the damp mossy scent when running through the fernery. There was also a garden in the middle of the house, the house was built around it so you could walk around inside and see the garden the whole way round, this is where my little friends lived in the mossy damp undergrowth in amongst the baby tears and cascading waterfall under the tree ferns, every autumn i remember running to see whether they had come to dance on our front lawn and sure enough every year two faery rings would appear, one large one and one smaller one, this was always very exciting to me as it proved that i had little people living with me, faeries, elves and gnomes, what could be better than living in a magical realm!
I remember at the age of around 13 when i had got my first job saving my pennies to purchase first, Brian Frouds good faeries, bad faeries and then lady cottingtons pressed fairy book in which Brian Froud had done the illustrations, I was fascinated with this world, and still to this day am.
The Wicked Little Elf & The Bowerbird is a reflection of my nature, I am a collector, sometimes of very old strange things that need some love and a bit of a polish up to bring them back to their former glory, I like to decorate my nest with lovely things, hence 'The Bowerbird' came about and with my fascination of the other realm of little people and also having a bit of a cheeky wicked side to me 'The Wicked Little Elf' was born.
I hope you enjoy my blog and are inspired by what you see,
Warmth, Elfin x

Faeries are seen, not by the eyes, but through the heart.
They are the inner nature of the land and a reflection of the inner nature of our souls.

Brian Froud 

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